About Us

Digital Track offers a full range of IT services to support business infrastructure. We are considered as India’s greatest Storage Optimization leaders, Cloud Migration specialist and Managed Security service providers delivering timely solutions by enhancing operational excellence of your business. From networking, hardware to applications, our team of certified experts will monitor, manage and maintain your IT environment. Being one of the fastest-growing companies, we are bringing 360-degree Digital Transformation for business enterprises of various sizes, as well as technology providers by delivering assured business efficiency through a set of new-age technologies.

Our aim is to ease the transition of enterprises into the Internet age. We offer a full range of IT, Network, Collaboration, Data Center, Storage & Backup Infrastructure, Virtualization, Cloud Management, IT Facility Management and System integration services and solutions partnering with the best-of-breed technologies in the industry, giving a competitive edge to our clients to achieve their business goals in style. We serve a diverse list of enterprises with timely delivery and cost efficiency by making us a trusted partner in the global environment. Our strategy is to ensure you transform the Information infrastructure to keep up with the needs of the enterprise business.

Cloud Services

Cloud Consulting Services

Digital Track team has delivered secure, scalable, high performance services & solutions on various operating systems & platforms. The Cloud Consulting Services’ benchmark enterprise experiences to develop a customized path for achieving goals and guaranteeing a successful implementation within a short timeframe.

Cloud Integration Services

Digital Track Cloud computing services help enterprises to address their current integration challenges, while giving them the scalability, manageability and reliability for the future. As more organizations migrate their on-site data centers to the cloud, Cloud Integration plays a growing role in the ability of organizations to migrate to the cloud or build cloud-based business intelligence, etc.

Cloud Managed Services

Digital Track cloud managed services help in cloud investments, through ongoing management of infrastructure and databases, cost and consumption optimization, performance and availability monitoring, and automation. It builds a cloud foundation by identifying and executing on ways to gain value from automation and analytics. Enterprises get to access wide range of expertise and services to explore and adopt new technologies.

Cloud Support Services

Digital Track conducts monitoring and cloud administration to provide preemptive security and disaster recovery. Preventive monitoring ensures to excel timely reminders for IT upgrades. Cloud computing support ensures cloud IT environment is running as efficiently as possible. Digital Track’s expertise proactively keeps enterprise systems running at optimum performance levels either remotely or with on-site support.

Cloud Migration Services

Digital Track provides enterprise with an efficient and optimized Cloud and IT infrastructure to expand enterprises’ ability to innovate and grow.  Digital Track provides a variety of migration services, catering to the transfer of small to corporate websites, multiple server distributed software applications, and more. It takes care of the entire migration process, to or from cloud servers, seamlessly.


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