Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced threats are the most challenging security threats for any enterprises to mitigate. The cyber threat landscape is rapidly growing and evolving as sophisticated targeted attacks continue to plague enterprises. Advanced threats have become a serious problem for today’s enterprises as they breach networks which often result in substantial recovery costs, a loss of trust with consumers, and reputation damage. Cyber threats are better planned, more sophisticated and directly targeted at an enterprise’s most valuable core assets. To overcome these threats enterprises, require a multi-faceted approach to identify threats successfully and blocks them before data loss occurs.

To defend against today’s well-funded threat factors, enterprises must augment technologies with extensive security expertise and global threat intelligence. Digital Track offers comprehensive advanced thread management solutions to achieve cyber resilience by both fending off threats and ensuring continuity if threats are successful. Sandboxing feature establishes security technologies across network, email, web application, and endpoint inspection points. Digital Track’s comprehensive solution for privileged account security is purpose-built to provide complete proactive controls and advanced threat protection on privileged account usage.

Advanced Threat Protection gives the power to detect, analyze, and respond to today’s stealthy Ransomware and its variants including targeted attacks in real time. Digital Track solutions for Advanced Threat protectiondelivers multi-layered protection to combat threats, keeping intrusion detecting systems and firewalls in place, providing least privilege access, processing shared account management, user activity reporting, server hardening and virtualization security. The management services transform data from multiple global sources into actionable intelligence that promotes rapid responses, strengthens the security posture and protects against targeted attacks. Digital Track stays ahead of ever-evolving malware and its new variants that are capable of exploiting one or more threat vectors.