Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery and Business Continuity Planning are processes that help enterprises prepare for disruptive events. Disaster can strike at any time and in most cases with little or no warning. Business Continuity Planning(BCP) is meant to keep an enterprise continue by operating on the event of major disasters. A business continuity plan outlines the steps that enterprise can immediately respond after a disaster takes place. The plan determines how to continue operations as well as recover and restore any data that was compromised.

Digital Track understands the current market trend and regulatory guidelines ensures enterprise up to date on the evolving BCP requirements. Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity service ensure that there is no downtime and allows to focus on running and growing enterprise while data is always available, on the cloud or a private server. The risk management professionals work with the resources within the enterprise to solidify and maintain a sound Business Continuity program.

Disaster Recovery (DR) is very often an integral part of business continuity. It focuses on the technology part of enterprise. The recovery objectives are measured in seconds or minutes, a good recovery plan can keep enterprise running through interruptions of power failures, IT system crashes, natural disasters, and more. While creating a disaster recovery strategy, one must first on two key metrics; the recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO).

Digital Track understands the importance of keeping communication lines open with enterprises. It helps enterprises to cut down time and maintain their operations, helps to guard against new threats and protects enterprises from any business interruption. Digital Track implies strategies to implement the required resilience should be put in place so that the principles of incident prevention, detection, response, recovery, and restoration are adhered to. It improves the ability to respond and recover from disruptive events and refine strategy for IT recovery. Digital Track helps to minimize the impact of disruption and recovers within minutes of an outage with Disaster Recovery as a Service.