DLP & Encryption

Over the last few years, enterprises in every sector have seena wide range of high-profile data loss incidents that have resulted in tremendous damage to brands and reputations. Being subject to outside attacks or insider threats is inevitable but data leaks and data loss can be mitigated. Conventional security at the perimeter isn’t enough, nor it addresses the normal data flows in and out of the company network. For enterprises relying on computer systems, Data Loss Prevention is all about keeping important information safe from loss or deletion.Today, this technology has been an essential component for enterprises cybersecurity strategies. It allows organizations to detect data breaches and prevent unauthorized data transmission.

Digital Track offers the best DLP solutions that are integrated with the best in the industry for encryption solutions. DLP policies are implemented after identifying the phase policies and makes changes to security processes after verifying current incident management policies. Ensuring to provide the best possible outcome, Digital Track extends a content and context-aware DLP solution that can inspect and control file transfers containing sensitive information, manage USB storage devices that can or cannot be used and, ensures enforced encryption is used.

Data should be encrypted when transmitted across networks to protect against eavesdropping of network traffic by unauthorized users. Digital Track integrates with enterprise’s existing DLP technology to facilitate scanning of encrypted data, as well as remediation of unprotected data. It allows the enterprise to encrypt data that was not protected prior to sending and eliminates the need to block transmissions that contain sensitive information.

Digital Track ensures the DLP solutions are enforced to granular data protection and policies without compromising on accuracy. This helps in identifying the DLP incidents through regulated monitoring systems and address the concerns of policy impacts. As data is likely one of the enterprises’ most valuable assets,protecting it and keeping it out of the public domain is of paramount importance. In order to accomplish this, Digital Track has drawn an extensive experience in combining strategic, operational and tactical measures. With a Server-Client architecture, Endpoint Protector provides cross-platform DLP, without disrupting daily work.The Server can be accessed by administrators through a user-friendly web interface. Keeping a copy of documents at a safe online backup facility offering cloud storage and reliable information recovery is one of the best ways to keep data safe and recoverable.