Email, Web & Content Security

Email is extremely convenient for workplace collaboration and communication. More of the enterprises’ sensitive information wind up in an email server inbox, which is insecure.Email-Security problems are getting worse in nature with all kinds of malware. However, Emails are to be scanned for viruses, phishing threats, content violations and spam. Email Protection can control all aspects of inbound and outbound emails. Especially if the email includes sensitive information, such as social security numbers, medical data, credit-card numbers, names, and addresses, the email must be encrypted and kept unreadable to anyone who doesn’t have the decryption key.Real-time traffic inspection saves time and increases productivity.

An enterprises’ most vital asset is informationthat includes customer information and financial data to research, training, corporate secrets, and intellectual capital.Digital Track recognizes and respects the importance of security. Various security solutionsprotectthe enterprise from compromised websites and malicious downloads by URL filtering and helps in protectingthe bandwidth.

It is essential that the email content remains confidential between the sender and the receiver. Digital Trackaims to provide complete flexibility by offering services along with latest technologies to keep web and email secure. It helps to protect enterprises from harmful, offensive or inappropriate content, and offers comprehensive protection from web-borne malware.Some of the enterprise security solutions include, creating the first wall of defense with firewalls, detection system, prevention systems and routers to protect mail server and mail.

Enterprises are confronted with email spoofing where a program is masked by false sender information by hiding the original information. DigitalTrack solutions allowsthe enterprises to control, monitor and enforce web based policies with minimal latency. Automatically updated anti-malware layers block threats safely before theyreachthe network.

Digital Track believes planning in the start of the system development life cycle. The focus is on mail server application and mail client by installing minimal mail server service and cutting down on vulnerabilities using configurations, patches, upgrades, access controls, verifying log files and testing mail server application security features. Leveraging PKI technology can protect confidential message by encrypting emails and signing messages. Digital Track has been successful in managing a range of security issues, including data breaches exposing PII and PHI, Ransomware, skimming, DDoS attacks and employee negligence.