In today’s unpredictable environment, one misstep can threaten not only enterprise operations but also reputation. Enterprises have been struggling to manage the magnitude and complexity of today’s existing and emerging risks. There might be inherent risk when a business touches personal data. Digital transformation and new business model’s adoption are now a reality. That’s why Integrated Risk Management (IRM) offers a more reasonable, strategic approach. IRM use their experience and technical expertise to deliver services that can give a clear view of compliance, risks, threats and vulnerabilities. Hence, understanding and managing their associated risks in an agile and automated way from the business perspective is key to making the right decisions at the right time.

To help the enterprisessolve key and current business issues, Digital Track solutionsdeliver innovative and financially motivated approach in managing Risk emphasizing strategic thinking, loss control and prevention.The end-to-end, product-agnostic approach risk management strategy and risk compliance includes enterprise architecture and workforce as well as design, implementation and management of security solutions. It ensuresthat executives, management and technical teams understand the risks posed to their enterprise.

Every business and organization connected to the internet need to consider their exposure to cyber crime. Digital Track allows to map business requirements into a strategic security architecture, enable ongoing measurement and management of risk and compliance while optimizing security budget. It implements solutions to identify the possibility of potential losses arising from various operations, transactions and establishes a framework for assessing all risks and enforcing appropriate controls.Digital Track covers all aspects of cyber security from PCI compliance to automated threat intelligence and allows IRM to supportenterprises at every step of the journey.