Mobile Security

The rapid adoption of mobile devices has created a significant security challenge for IT Enterprises. Working through mobile is a business reality that’s great for employees and productivity. Today, most of the enterprises have included mobiles by providing secure mobile access to business documents. In addition, mobile apps are an easy target for hackers, putting enterprises’ private data at risk. Hence introducing Mobile Security is a way to ensure employees stay productive and do not breach corporate policies. This primarily deals with corporate data segregation, securing emails, securing corporate documents on device, enforcing corporate policies, integrating and managing mobile devices including laptops and handhelds of various categories. Mobility and constant connectivity are essential for the efficiency and productivity of an enterprise, enabling employees to access corporate information and complete their work anywhere and from any device.

Digital Track deals with mobile security solutions that provide the widest range of products to secure mobile world. Mobile security solutions protect the mobile devices and data when people access the internet and applications on the go. Mobile connectivity exposes the enterprise to greater risks and security threats. So, it is crucial for businesses to manage, monitor and secure access to corporate information and systems. Digital Track combines the latest technologies with a delegated administration service to provide organizations with access to corporate mobility services. The managed devices are equipped and used in accordance with company security standards and governance policies.

To prevent unauthorized access to company systems and data, Digital Track ensures to secure mobile apps before deployment with a comprehensive mobile security solution that fits the need. These implementations may be either on-premises or cloud-based. The security capabilities cover mobile apps, including mobile app fingerprinting, app store access control, and blocking of malicious apps.