SIEM, Security Analytics

The ability for detecting and responding to incidents has become the litmus test for security. In the IT security sector, the consolidation of log protocol and the detection of irregularities have become increasingly important. Most enterprises are facing greater scrutiny for internal compliance programs and regulatory requirements related to financial management, data security and enterprise privacy. More and more IT companies are focusing on central logging or Security Information and Event Management service (SIEM). SIEM solution provides real-time monitoring and analysis for security alerts. By monitoring network traffic and threat points, a managed SIEM solution can aggregate all logs into one source to detect and flag any type of suspicious activities like malware or multiple failed login attempts.

The need for real time monitoring analysis, correlation and auditing systems with corporate policies has always been the need. Digital Track SIEM solution is flexible enough to protect small to large enterprises by looking for suspicious activities, provide quick visibility and deliver fast responses to ensure timely alerts. It provides the enterprise with insight of security-related incidents and events, which could indicate malicious activities. It monitors and analyzes all of device’s logging data along with workstations, servers, routers, firewalls, switches, IDS/IPS and other devices that can generate data.

Digital Track helps in identifying security breaches amid high amounts of log information in real time by prioritizing them and pinpointing their location, cause and type. It improves productivity instantly with a modern interface that is intuitive and customizable, enhances common workflows with more efficient storage and search technology and expands its capability to scale to the very large and diverse data sets for today’s enterprise IT infrastructures. Digital Track services collect and correlate millions of security events and transforms the data into actionable alerts, management reports, and comprehensible dashboard displays. All the data is aggregated into one place and analyzed to generate alerts for potential indicators of compromise, enable threat intelligence and incite a response if necessary.

Digital Track helps in eliminating the complexity and costs of managing multiple, disparate points by providing unified platform that delivers all the security essentials required for effective threat detection, incident response and compliance management. It identifies internal and external threats and spotlights the enterprise security posture.