Two Factor Authentication

In the last decade, computer technologies have evolved quickly. Security parameters are changing, applications are multiplying, and user expectations are increasing.Most of the enterprises have recognized that a traditional password is extremely easy to guess. An enterprise holds most sensitive data and access to it must be secure. The impact for not having the right protection can be costly as the systems can be breached. Even the simplest computers now operate with huge processing power that make it easy for hackers to perform high level tactics at cracking or deciphering passwords. To ensure data security and prevent brand damage, it is a must for enterprises to add a second level of security to authenticate access requests, above the existing password-based security. With flexible and easy services, the system basically integrates two-factor authentication services for the purpose of verifying a user.

As industry and government regulations have clamped down with more demanding compliance regulations, Digital Track has covered strong security needs with a variety of two-factor authentication solutions. It implements a strong, two-factor authentication in enterprises’ environment that strengthens the security posture to meet strict compliance regulations.Digital Track lays the groundwork for an enterprise two-factor authentication solution that will be integrated into the security architecture to protect the enterprise files and records. The two-factor authentication (2FA) can easily add a second layer of high level security to guard against hackers and cyber-thieves.

Digital Track solutions help the enterprises intracking, auditing and controlling who all are accessing the system and thereby, protect the enterprise system from various security threats.It implements the strong authentication solution that works best for the enterprise. Digital Track approach utilizes device reputation, transaction analytics and behavioral biometrics to anticipate and adapt to threats in real time and provide strong security without creating friction for enterprise users.